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        Hello and welcome to my web site.  I’m so pleased and happy to say after many years, I’m finally back at the computer doing what I truly enjoy, writing love stories for the Plus Size Women.  And yes, we do attract, mesmerize, and fascinate “for real men” who find themselves not being able to live without us…as you read in my first novel Senseless Misconception.  Jazper Simmons fell and tumbled right into the world of Silky Silk.  I know it’s been a minute… and lots of changes have taken place, but how would you like to revisit those two and fall in love with some of their friends. Since my retirement, I have spent my time writing page turning, exciting novels and always working on something new. 
          I’m  proud to say I’ve published fourteen novels and five novellas which I’m thrilled that  readers are saying they were well worth the wait.  Now you know I’m  truly excited and overjoyed that I still have the touch.  Like I’ve always said no one can write a big girl’s  love story but another big girl. That was what prompt me to become a romance writer.  Although I love and enjoy a good love story I was plum tired of us being the best friend, the one whose shoulders were constantly used for crying on, always the dependable one, desperate for a man...get this the safe one.  Well you get the message!

         I have written some of the most wonderful stories with plus-size women as the heroine of all ages, touching your every emotionMy heroines are beautiful and sophisticated, with high self-esteem of all ages. They are not looking for a man to validate their worth...just love them for who they are. I insist on my heroines  being loved, appreciated, and cherished. While reading my stories you will encounter drama, the element of surprise with lots of twists and turns, and of course romance. 

        During one of my creative moments, I've created four series. The first one is called Allanville's Matchmakers, which several stories takes place in my little fictitious Texas town called Allanville.    
        You do know you can be 40,50, 60, or older to find love? The second series called The Golden Years Series, was derived from this very idea.
        As you will see in most of my stories, I love country living because of its simplicity and beauty and bought a second town called Blackmore, Texas where my third series A Second Chance is taken place. 
        My fourth series is called Unexpected Love. In this series, I have stories that will be a part of some of my others, where yo will revisit the town and characters.  

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