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W. Parks Brigham always knew she would become an author and that she has a gift creating beautiful love stories with happy endings.  W Parks Brigham is a native Houstonian with two adult daughters. She’s spent her adult life teaching small children and loved every minute of it. She is now a retired (Halleluiah) teacher of thirty plus years and loves every minute of that for sure. She is an avid reader of every genre in the AA Romance category which has prompted her to write and self-publish her own DIVA romance with plus size women  as the heroine. 

Therefore, it’s her honor and pleasure to invite you into her world of women fiction and romance with a taste of sweetness. She has penned fourteen of the sweetest tales with plus size women of all ages as the heroine, touching your every emotion. Her heroines are beautiful, and sophisticated with high self-esteem. They are not looking for a man to validate their worth…just love them for who they are. Drama, the element of surprise with twists and turns, and romance are featured in each story.   

W. Parks self published her first novel, Senseless Misconceptions, just 3 short years before the turn of the millenium.  
(Customer Review) Great Read, June 19, 2000
       by Deltagirl~ I read this book in less than 24 hours. It is an absolutely great book. The characters seemed to jump off the page and I definitely know someone for everyone of these characters. Mrs. W. Parks Brigham is a wonderful writer. Being from the Houston area and knowing the setting of the novel really helped me also. I have shared my book with many people who all love it just as much as I do. I have been eagerly anticipating Mrs. Brigham's next novel.
Since Senseless Misconceptions, W. Parks has written and sel-published  seven other adult novels, and expecting to release two more before the year is up. Who Am I Suppose To Love, Surviving The Storm,and You Were Meant For Me made Amazon best sellers list under Christian Romance and Women Fiction.
In Houston, W. Parks is a member of The Body of Christ and worships at Cloverland Church of Christ under the spiritual tutelage of Minister Bro. Bruce W. Brigham Sr. She has always believed "No one can write a Big Girl's love story better than a Big Girl".
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